Re-piping, water leaks, fixture replacements and installs, garburator, toilets, sinks and showers, water fountains…the list goes on, we can do it all.

Boilers and Furnaces

We Repair, Install, Service and Maintain all types of boilers and furnaces.

Backflow Testing

Lower Mainland municipalities require back flow devices to be tested yearly. Our plumbers are licensed back flow testers that will test and submit your reports to the required city.


We specialize in heating and can provide installs and repairs for all types and models of heaters for your home or building complex. Our technicians are highly qualified for all repairs or replacements.

Hot Water Tanks

We can fix or replace any hot water tank from 5 gallons to 250 gallons or tankless water heater if needed.

Planned Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining mechanical systems in small or large building complexes is essential and required by insurance companies to be in good order. Our technicians are trained and up to date with all types of boilers and appliances.

Water-Main Replacement

Water main breaks are not pleasant. We can provide you with trenchless water main replacement or other ways to replace your water main. Our staff is trained and qualified in all circumstances.

Drain Cleaning

We have the proper camera equipment and tools to help find the source for plugged drains. We will help find the safest and best way to clear the clog and keep it flowing.

Hydro Jetting

Drain pipes need to be maintained to avoid having sewer back ups. Flushing them with high water pressure regularly will keep your system flowing and clear of any problems. We can provide this service.

Problems solved for all your Plumbing needs.

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